Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Kitten

Hubby and I decided to adopt a gray kitten that was living in our yard. We brought her (I think its a her) in before the rain and she took to the house immediately. She used the litter box without any hesitation and already seems to be a lap cat, purring contently whether on my lap or hubby's. We haven't named her yet, unable to decide between a few. So far we have come up with Sabrina, Stormy, or Cloud. I am not too crazy about Cloud, but it might be a good name if she turns out to be a he. Suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. What a beautiful kitten! Did you ever pick a name for it? ~Jillian~

  2. Jillian, we finally settled on the name Stormy. She runs through the house leaving a trail behind her just like a storm.


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