Friday, June 12, 2009

Time With The Grandkids

Last month my husband and I went to visit our grandkids in Alabama for a week. We have a small house in downtown Gadsden just 3 blocks from my daughter, Cindy's house. Because both Cindy and her husband work, little Sophia is in daycare...but not when mama and papa visit. Sophia is a beautiful, smart, sweet little fireball. She is two, need I say more. Her brother, Jesse, is 9 and he is a wonderful, understanding, loving brother. (He doesn't really have a choice with Sophia). The first day of our visit, Sophia, excited to see us, came running up our walkway wearing flip-flops and flopped right at our porch step hitting her little face on the brick step. Poor Sophia had a nice little black eye and cut under her eye...but it only slowed her down for about 5 minutes. She was quickly back to normal. Because we don't see the kids as often as we would like, whenever we visit we try to bring them a present each. Sophia's present was a cheerleading kit with pom-poms, a floor mat and a instructional DVD. She loved it and by the time we left to come back to Florida she was cheering right along with the girls on the DVD. We like to try and do something special with each child whenever we visit. For example, on our last visit we went to Hobby Lobby and bought melt and pour soaps and cute candy molds and each made their own special soaps. This trip Sophia and I made blueberry muffins and Papa and Jesse made an exploding volcano.
On the weekend when Cindy and her husband were home, we all went on a picnic at Noccalula Falls and afterwards we went to this area on Rainbow Drive across from a park where the kids could play in the huge water fountain type fun area.I really can't wait to go back, the area is beautiful and so are my grandkids.


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