Monday, June 29, 2009

Earrings for Sophia

In my last blog post I said that I wanted to make a pair of earrings for my granddaughter though I had very little time left before our trip. She likes earrings and all things girly and on my last trip to see her she asked me to make her some earrings. I know if I show up without the earrings she will be very disappointed. She wants dangling earrings like the big girls (she is 2)but her mom said no. So I figured if I made her something cutsy it might make up for them not dangling. I managed to make her 3 pairs of earrings, all polymer clay...quick and easy, a pair of sunflowers, a pair of orange flip flops and a pair of chocolate covered donuts(that hang off of a post, just a little dangle). I think she will be satisfied, not sure about her mom though.


  1. cool, Nancy! You've learned the art of not spontaneously combusting the clay? The donuts look especially delicious!

  2. Yep, didn't set anything on fire this time. But I didn't use the toaster oven either, I learned from my mistakes.


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