Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Good Day

I am so excited, I am leaving in the morning for Alabama. Going to see my grandkids, hooray! Been busy all day paying bills, packing, running errands. This morning I brought Stina, Suj, and Kavi to the airport for their trip to India. They will be gone for 10 days. Our trip is only going to be a four day trip but at least we are going. Tonight was pretty interesting, I got a phone call from a friend that I hadn't talked to in several years. We were best friends when we were teenagers and into our mid 20's, then she moved to California with her husband and daughter and I moved to Florida with my husband and kids. I have seen her once in the past 24 years. It was so good to hear her voice and talk to her again. We had a lot of catching up to do, and probably still do. But we promised to keep in touch and send each other pictures of our grandchildren and stay up to date with each other. I really missed her!
Got home from the airport a little while ago. Took Stina and family to the airport for their trip to India. Their flight should be taking off right about now. Kavi was in a good mood and very talkative. He is so cute, I'm sure Suj's family is going to go crazy over him.
I'm not finished packing yet for our trip and I have several errands that I still have to run so I will have to write more another time, but I am so excited about getting to see everyone. I miss Jesse and Sophia so much. I miss everyone, but the kids have a special place in my heart.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doing a little bit of everything today. Started with the soaps again yesterday so I am in that mode now. Going to be doing more soaps today, will probably list them when I get back from my trip. Also want to do a few more pillows while I have the supplies and sewing machine out, but don't know if I will get around to it today....maybe tomorrow, when I get back from the airport. I also have a few pieces of jewelry in the works.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Decided to finish a few of the pillows that I started over the weekend, so I could list them. I have so much fabric and polyfil I could probably stock a store with pillows, but I always get sidetracked with other projects. I have some really pretty fabrics that I have not decided yet if it will be used for pillows or possibly a different project.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Changed my mind about soapmaking. I will be working on that tomorrow 'cause my best friend requested some soap. I think I will also make some for my daughter, so in a way I am still on a break from soapmaking....because it won't be for my shops. Knowing me though, once I start, I will get carried away and be making a bunch to list. But I need to start packing for my trip.

Time For A Break

I have to get my creative juices flowing but all I can think about right now is my upcoming trip to see my grandkids. I haven't seen them in two months and I miss them terribly. I have several projects in the works right now, but I am putting them on hold until we are back from Alabama, which means my sewing machine will be sitting out on my dining room table for at least another week or two. My craft room is overrun with several started jewelry pieces and many finished pieces. Right now I am on a break from soapmaking, but I did recently make a special soap for my grandson shaped like a Wii controller. After our trip, I think my main focus will be to get my craft room better organized before I dive into creating again.
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