About Me

I am originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. and moved to Long Island, N.Y. when I was a teenager. I got married to a wonderful Christian man in 1976 and we just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary.  Twenty five years ago we moved to Florida where it is HOT all the time. (Every once in a while it will get a little cooler in February.)  Autumn was always my favorite time of the year so I am really not fond of Florida life, but that is where my husband made his living. I have two daughters, both grown and out of the nest.  The older one is married with two children (Jesse and Sophia) and has since moved out of Florida to northern Alabama where there is a change of seasons. I cannot stand to be nine hours away from my grandchildren so we bought a second home in Alabama and visit every chance we get.  I truly love it there and we hope to move there as soon as we can sell our home in Florida. To keep busy I putter around the garden and I try my hand at different crafts such as crocheting, making jewelry, and making bath and beauty products. I have a shop on etsy.com and one on Artfire.com. My shops are:



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