Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our First Holiday Season in Our New Home

Since moving to Alabama in August we have been busy settling in and trying to fit furnishings from a 3 bedroom house into a smaller 2 bedroom house.  Luckily my sister bought a house a few blocks from here and won't be moving here for a few years, so she has allowed me to store my overflow at her house.
I love being here and around my grandchildren, and attending important events in their little lives.  My daughter is attending college part time so I get to watch the baby for her 1 to 2 days a week, and she is a joy to have, she is such a happy baby.  We watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together (which has changed quite a bit since I was a child watching it).
My younger daughter, Nicole, moved here in August with her friend and they both got jobs fairly quick and are adjusting well.  It was great having the family together for the holidays.  This Christmas was extra special in our new home, though we have spent the last few Christmases here in Alabama. Normally we would arrive a day or two before Christmas and leave a day or two after the New Year and everything would always seem so rushed. This year I was able to bake and decorate my house.  We even got a live tree, our first one in 35 years. Though I did miss my sister and my mom back in Florida, they are coming for a visit in a few days and we will have another celebration when they arrive.

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