Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Want To Move!

Well, we finally did it. We made up our minds and put the Florida house on the market.  I know the market is bad and the prices are so much lower than we had hoped but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  Hopefully we will be able to sell it and finally make the move to Alabama near our grandchildren. Our little house is just sitting there waiting for us with rooms to be painted and a yard to be planted.  I can't wait!! The actual packing and moving is going to be a chore after living here for 26 years but once we get a buyer it will be Yard Sale time.  Because our house in Alabama is already pretty much furnished we won't be taking all of our furniture, just a few select pieces. I have been bringing boxes of treasures there each trip we have made in the past so I will probably have to have a yard sale once we settle in Alabama also because the house there is much smaller.
And the best part is that it does snow occasionally in Alabama.  Growing up in New York, I definitely missed the snow in the winter months living in Florida.  This past year we were there for Christmas and it was the first time it snowed on Christmas day in 100 years.  They had more snow this year than they had in the last 8 or so years since my daughter moved there.

Now all that needs to happen is to secure a buyer for our Florida home.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

High School Graduation

My nephew, Anthony has graduated from high school.  He is my younger sister's oldest child.  Boy, where does the time go, it seems he was just a little boy that my girls were teaching to talk, not all that long ago.   Now, Anthony is heading to college to pursue a degree in teaching.  He actually wants to be a music teacher.  Ever since I could remember he has loved all kinds of music. His preferences are unusual for an eighteen year old boy in 2011 because he just loves Frank Sinatra, jazz and swing music.
 His parents gave him a graduation party at a local restaurant where Anthony,  his father, and a friend performed for the guests (they regularily perform at local functions around town also).  Anthony and his friend Jacob played the trumpet, while his dad accompanied them on the keyboard.  He also sang several songs and danced with his mother and sister.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

5th grade graduation

Jesse and his friends Savon and Randy
Jesse was voted the school chaplain this year and his daily responsibility was to say the 'Pledge of Allegiance' every morning and at special functions.  We were able to visit Alabama and be present for his graduation from 5th grade.  Here he is leading everyone in the pledge of allegiance at the moving up ceremony.

Jesse and his proud mother, our daughter, Cindy.

Jesse displaying his gifts with a smile.

Displaying the diplomas.

I was so happy that we could be there for the moving up ceremony, and we were also there for the awards ceremony that was held the day before.  Jesse received several awards for his academic excellence including one that was presented to him from the Rotary Club.
We are so proud of our grandson, Jesse.
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