Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Attempt At Sewing.....

I have a newfound respect for all those who, with or without patterns, sew dresses, skirts, shirts, and outfits of any kind. I decided to try my hand at sewing, after all, I have been making my own curtains for years. I've also made pillows and even made a slipcover for my sofa a few years back. I figured I'd start with something simple so I bought a pattern for a cute little summer dress for my granddaughter...but then I saw the pattern for aprons. It said 'EASY' on the envelope so I figured I'd give it a try. I bought this cute fabric with bunches of bananas all over it and decided it would be a perfect gift for my daughter with her yellow kitchen. You would think that someone who buys a pattern marked 'easy' is a beginner with very little sewing experience. However, the pattern manufacturers don't assume that. The directions were almost as if I were reading a different language (thank goodness it comes with pictures). The simple apron took me two full days to complete (mostly because of reading and re-reading the pattern instructions). The completed apron is....usable, and I think my daughter will like it, but I had to improvise a bit. It did not turn out exactly as it should have.

I still intend to make the summer dress for my granddaughter but if it is anything like the apron it will probably be my last sewing project.


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  3. Well, I think that you did a really good job on the apron. I can't even imagine how mine would turn out (not that I would even try to make one). hehe It's very cute and I love the fabric. ~Jillian~


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