Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Affordable Bag Designs

I decided to check out Etsy and Artfire for purses. I have this thing about finding the perfect purse. I have been searching for years and still haven't found it, though my husband would question that fact with all the purses in my closet. The purse will have to have a lot of room but not be too big. I also would like it to have at least one outside pocket for my cell phone. And it has to attractive without being gawdy. Price point is a factor also. Anyway, I stumbled upon Affordable Bag Designs on Artfire, and I really liked what I saw. She has three bags that I like and can't decide between. I am torn between her Crimson and Vanilla Purse, Laura Ashley English Country Purse, and Big Brown Bear Bag. Maybe you can check out her site and let me know your opinion. She also has a site on etsy by the same name. Her Etsy site shows that she has a 100% rating for feedback and has made 50 sales. I like a lot of her purses on the Etsy site also, but my three favorite are from her Artfire shop (mostly because of the outer pocket).


  1. Hi Nancy! I will check that site out! I wanted to tell you that I have passed on a One Lovely Blog Award to you and have listed your blog on a post in my blog! Miss you and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  2. I also want to see that shop you are talking about. :) I have found some adorable purses on Etsy(haven't looked yet on Artfire) but they might not be the style you are looking for!


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