Monday, June 29, 2009

More Sewing???

Yesterday I finished my second little summer dress for my granddaughter, Sophia. The first one took me about 4 hours but the second one took a little less than 2 hours, and I think it actually turned out a little better than the first, though I will NEVER be a seamstress. The little dresses were a bit easier than the apron that I attempted to make for my daughter last week. The last time I saw little Sophia she loved the pair of earrings I was wearing and asked me to make her a pair just like them. They were a bit too big for a child her age(she is 2), but I told her I would make a special pair just for her. So that is my next project, and I have to have them done by tonight. I have to start packing by tomorrow for our weekend trip up to visit them.


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