Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy To Be Home...

but exhausted. I had approximately 80 boxes that were sitting in my living room, kitchen and dining room. This has convinced me that I have accumulated way too much 'stuff' and I need to start purging. Could be having a big yard sale come mid June (it will probably take me that long to unpack all the boxes). The movers were finished unpacking and out of here by noon. We worked the rest of the day unpacking boxes and have hardly made a dent.

We did get the T.V.s set up and part of my craft/computer room set up. And we do get to sleep in our own bed tonight which I am looking forward to(though hubby didn't make it to the bedroom before conking out). One good thing about having to move out for the 'fix' was having empty rooms to repaint and and install new flooring. Both Chriss and I couldn't bring ourselves to paint over the wall in the craft room though(my grandson, Jesse's old room). Even though they moved over 6 years ago, Dora, Blue, and Bob the Builder remain. Besides, Sophia loves Dora now, so we have to keep her around a little longer.

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