Monday, June 7, 2010

My Little (and Big) Drummer Boy(s)

My husband has been playing the drums since I met him(actually, he was playing them even before that). He has one drum kit set up in our garage and plays daily. When our grandson was small, my husband would take him out to play the drums together.

When Jesse was about two years old we bought him his own drum kit, it was a miniature set of his grandpa's. He loved banging on those drums.

As Jesse got a little older he still loved playing his grandpa's drums. Here he is playing my husbands other kit that was set up at our church.

A little older again, and at our church again.

Jesse still has his old drumset though he is probably a little too big for them now. His interests lie in different areas now to his grandpa's dismay. Jesse would rather be behind a video camera filming little skits that he wrote with his friends, though he tells his grandpa that he wants to really learn how to play when we finally move closer to them, which we all hope is very soon. (He lives in Alabama and we live in Florida) He only wants his grandpa to teach him. He is 10 years old now. Where does the time go......


  1. so sweet seeing those old pictures of Jesse! He was always such a cutie and is even cuter now!

  2. Sounds like Jesse and his grandfather have a great relationship. That is so wonderful. Hope you all are able live closer to each other soon.


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