Sunday, June 13, 2010

Farmers Market????

The last few days I have read several posts of people's fantastic yard sale finds. My friend, Dolly, always seems to have great luck at yard sales, thrift stores and sometimes just side of the road finds...but not me. My son-in-law is pretty good at that also. I rarely find anything great or even just good. I ventured out to the thrift stores on Friday....nothing, so Saturday I checked out a few yard sales...again nothing! Finally I gave up and decided to check out a 'Farmer's Market' in the local downtown area. Before I moved to Florida, I was a city girl so I always bought all my produce from the local grocery store. I had been to a Farmer's Market in Tampa once and there had been quite a few vendors with a wide choice of fruits and vegetables and also flowers, so that was my understanding of what a farmers market was. This market had a total of two produce vendors, one plant vendor and several vendors selling other types of things like Zippo lighters, Incense, and I even remembered seeing sidewalk chalk. I did finally buy something...a chocolate mint plant. Oh and my husband bought some incense.

I don't think I'll be going back there again. Besides my plants seem to be doing very well. My tomato plant has 4 or 5 green tomatoes finally and I have two eggplants that I will be able to pick soon. I have already used some of my bell peppers, and some jalapeno peppers but I am anxiously waiting for my cucumbers. So far all I see is lots of flowers but no cucumbers yet. As far as the yard sales go, I might try again next weekend.


  1. the farmers markets around here are pretty small too! The rainbow city one, last year had people selling out of their pickup trucks and a few tables! Attalla's was matching canopies over the tables but only 5 of them! The one in Birmingham, Pepper Place is the nicest I've been to but it is sooo far!
    at least you got the chocolate mint plant!

  2. You'd think living in Oklahoma you could find all kinds of wonderful farmers' markets. Well, I haven't found one yet - at least one that's fairly close to home. The fresh veggies you're growing sound wonderful. I do believe I could live on tomatoes.

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