Sunday, July 19, 2009

Searching for a dresser I found...

I have been searching thrift stores and and yard sales looking for the perfect dresser to convert into a sink cabinet for my bathroom. I found one in the local Salvation Army store that I thought might work but hubby was with me and he wasn't in an agreeable mood, so I left with the intentions of returning in a day or so without him. Unfortunately when I did return, it was gone. Lesson learned, 'get it while the getting is good'. I did manage to find a few small items that caught my eye. I love and collect teacups and in most antique stores you would pay anywhere from $10 to $12 for the average teacup and saucer. I picked up this cute teacup and saucer at a yard sale for only $3.00, and I found a 50's retro cup (no saucer) in a thrift store for only $.76. My other finds: the plate was only $2.00 and my tiny owl $.76. The big white owl was only $3.50 at the Salvation Army. Not a big haul but I did get some cute things. My search for the sink cabinet continues.


  1. I just love going through thrift stores. You can find some really cool stuff. Wish I had room for all my finds.

  2. Great finds!! I hate when I decide to think about something and when I go back it's gone. Maybe you'll find one that you'll like better!!


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