Monday, July 27, 2009

Crafting Space and My Grandson

It has taken me forever, but I finally have gotten my craft/computer room organized again. It isn't 100% done, but it is enough for me to start creating again. (Now, if only the rest of the house was organized also.) Right now my grandson is visiting for a week and all he wants to do is create, create, create. He has been making movies with his grandpa and editing them with Windows Movie Maker. His movies are full of little figurines like SpongeBob and Patrick, Gumby and Pokey and Neopets. He is making a list of things he wants to make like sock puppets, ipod holder, picture frame from craft sticks, pillow, bath salts. Today we talked about Thomas Edison and how he had a laboratory in his basement when he was a young boy, so now Jesse is wanting a laboratory. I would love to take him to Edison's winter home in Fort Myers, Florida which is about 3 hours from us, but his parents are coming to get him this weekend and that doesn't leave us enough time. I am going to miss him when he goes back to Alabama.


  1. I know what you mean. My grandson has been with us this week and he does not wnt to go home. Luckily they live close so we see him often. Wish my craft room was 100% organized. Just when I think it's done, some project causes caos. Jan

  2. Wow... it sounds like he is having quite a week visiting grandma and grandpa!! Lucky little guy! Making his own movies, that sounds like a blast!! Thank you for visiting my 'design star' post... I will be doing them every Monday during the season!

  3. You Know that I know what it's like to miss a sweet grandkid! Glad you had a great week together! I need to organize my back room and refocus on some projects too!


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