Saturday, April 25, 2009

Very Little Blogging Time

For the past week and the next two I was and will be very busy due to a sinkhole fix at my home. The past week was spent packing up the whole house and moving it into two storage units. As of Thursday we have been living at a Holiday Inn within miles from our house. This is our second fix, the first grouting process we did not have to leave our house because they worked outside drilling and filling with grout. That was last summer and....well, it didn't work. So now, they are drilling from the inside of our home, through the floors and filling with a chemical grout. This process should only take 4 days and then 2 days to cure. After that we need to replace all our flooring, laying tile, laminate, and carpet throughout the house and other minor repairs and painting. By the time I get back to the hotel at night I know I will probably be too tired to do anything but maybe check my e-mail. My family thinks I am going to be having it easy on a 'mini vacation'. Boy do they have it wrong. Then when it is all over...the unpacking. I think I dread that more than anything. We didn't realize how much we had accumulated over the years. I know I will be purging a lot of stuff. Probably a big yard sale in about a month.


  1. So sorry you are displaced during this construction but it sounds like you are going to take this opportunity to reorganize. Can't wait to see photos of the finished house!

  2. Hope all turns out well for you. Keep your spirits high. Things have a way of working out.


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