Saturday, April 11, 2009

I haven't been listing anything in my shops lately and I'd like to say it is because I've been too busy creating but that would be a lie. Until this morning I hadn't even had the urge to work on anything. I was too caught up in the Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, MySpace, etc, etc, etc, websites to do anything else. I told myself I was promoting my shops (which is what I had started out doing) but the addiction became much more than that. I just love being on those sites and keeping up. I have finally pulled myself away and I think I have gotten my balance back so you should be seeing new listings in my shops within the next few days (possibly even by tonight if the inspiration keeps coming). I know what is going to happen to me...tomorrow for Easter I am going to my sister's house for dinner, and that is when I will be hit with a wave of inspiration to create numerous different projects. It always happens to me...when I am in a circumstance when I can't do anything, that is when I get the best ideas. Unless I bring a pad and write everything down, I usually forget by the time I get home. I may remember one or two things but not everything. And I am always convinced that the ideas I have forgotten were the best ones. I have to convince myself they probably weren't or I would have remembered them, right?! Okay, I am rambling now, so I think I will stop here and get back to work.

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