Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing The Grandkids

After visiting Alabama for Christmas and spending a little over two weeks, it was hard to leave and come back to Florida. My grandson gets upset when we leave so my husband promised him we would be back in March sometime. We kept our promise and returned for a short visit at the very end of March and stayed thru Easter. We enjoyed spending the holiday there, but again it was hard to leave, especially because my grandson was scheduled to have surgery only a week later. The surgery was minor surgery but still I wished that I could have been there. Jesse's surgery was successful and he is doing well. His little sister was playing nursemaid to him for the first few days after the surgery. Now when we talk to her on the phone the first thing she tells us is that Jesse is all better. In this wonderful age of technology we often make video calls so we can see and talk to Jesse and Sophia, but that only makes me miss them more.
During our visit we also enjoyed spending some time with our close friends who moved to Alabama two years ago from Florida. Our daughters are close friends also and we all gathered at our friends house for a wonderful Easter holiday meal and fellowship. There is nothing better than spending the holidays with with family and close friends. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to enjoy our meal outside on their huge front porch. The only thing that would have made it better is if their oldest daughter and her family, and my youngest daughter could have been there also.


  1. So Cute Grandchildren! and the porch looks so inviting!

  2. it was a great day Nancy! I agree wholeheartedly about it being perfect if Nicole,Stina, Suj and Kavi were there too! maybe next year!


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