Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gardenias and Lillies

Ummm, smells so good.

One of three gardenia bushes. Actually we had four but one almost died with the cold Florida winter we had. We cut it back to almost nothing and leaves are popping out all over the place. It lives.

Yellow lilies are blooming now, pink ones already flowered and are gone. Grass doesn't seem to want to grow under the shade of our Sycamore Tree, so we have sand (Florida dirt).

Lily stretching for the sun from under the shade of the Sycamore Tree.


  1. Your flowers are just lovely and I'm sure their aroma is just as lovely. I planted 3 orange-ish colored lilies last fall. This Spring they have spread so much that we may have to transplant some later this Fall.

  2. We have had to transplant our lillies several times because they spread so much. I enjoy them so much.


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