Friday, July 2, 2010

Weeki Wachee

My daughter and grandchildren are visiting from Alabama and we decided to take them to Weeki Wachee so they can enjoy the mermaids. Jesse has been there before but Sophia hasn't and the show was 'the Little Mermaid'. It was the same show that Jesse saw two years ago, but he still enjoyed it. We also took my niece, Brooke along to enjoy the afternoon. After the show, we walked around the park a little bit and came across this beautiful peacock.

This bird was definitely putting on a show for all the tourists, she turned and struted her stuff, walking back and forth for at least 5 minutes, blocking the entire walkway. It was as if she was posing for the cameras that kept flashing in her face.

Once her show was over we headed over for a photo shoot with the kids becoming part of the mermaid exhibit.

After leaving the park we went to Panera's for lunch and hit a store before returning home. The day proved to be a slightly exhausting for little Sophia.


  1. Sure looks like a great day! What a show from the peacock.

  2. What a special day! The peacock was beautiful and I love places where you can take photos like that of the kids - and sometimes grown-ups too. Not that I would be one to stick my head in a space for a photo - no, not me, huh uh! LOL

  3. so fun to be a tourist in your own town if grandkids are involved! Glad you are having an extra special time!!

  4. Aww... sounds like a wonderful day! I love the show that peacock put on for you! It is beautiful! :)


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