Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grandkids: They Grow So Quickly

This is Jesse at two years old, already a computer wiz. Notice the headphones, he loved his music. This is when this sweet little boy and my daughter still lived with us. I babysat him everyday while his mommy worked.
This picture is shortly after they moved to Alabama, just before he turned three. This was our first visit (only 3 weeks after they moved) and he stayed overnight in the hotel with us. After having them living with us since he was born, it was very hard to let him go so far from us. Our hearts were broken over my daughter and Jesse moving nine hours away.
Skip ahead two years, and this is Jesse in a karate outfit I had bought him for his 5th birthday. His birthday is 6 days before Christmas. Every year my daughter and her husband would come for the Christmas holidays and we would have Jesse to spoil again.

Skip ahead two years again, and now Sophia is added to the mix and almost a year old. This picture was taken in our Florida living room when they visited in August. In the picture is Jesse, age 7, my husband Chriss, and little Sophia. Three days after Sophia was born we bought a small house in Alabama that we have been hoping to move into permanently. Anyone want to buy a house in Florida???
Jesse and Sophia in the living room of our house in Alabama. Sophia is about a year and a half and Jesse is eight.

My daughter and one of her friends started a photography business in town and this is one of the pictures from a photo shoot of the kids. It is one of my favorites.

Sophia is almost four years old already and Jesse is almost eleven. Time sure flies, they are growing so fast. Even though my husband and I go to Alabama as often as we could, we still feel like we are missing so much of them growing up. I am so grateful for computers and video chats and cell phones with picture messaging. I miss these kids so much when I am in Florida. The next two pictures are from my last visit there. The first picture is the two of them on my laptop(Jesse is still a computer wiz) while I was folding laundry. The second picture is my two angels asleep on the blow-up mattress that they always sleep on when we are in Alabama. My daughter and son-in-law only get to visit their children when we are there, because the kids stay with us (though I am sure they enjoy their alone time).

I can't wait to sell my house in Florida and move there for good.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. We've always lived fairly close to our daughter's family and the boys have grown so fast. The oldest graduated from high school in May. Our son's family lives about 4 hours away and it pains me that I can't see their kids as much as our daughter's boys.

    I hope your Florida home sells in the twinkling of an eye!

  2. Then you won't be close to me!!!! I'm selfish so... I hope you just keep this house and stay forever. Make it a game!! Try and get Cindy and the rest of the crew to come back here!!
    Love you... even if you do leave me.

  3. Loved the pics and commentary...sorry Rayleaf once you move to bama there is no way to return to Florida

  4. Rachel, you will just have to visit us in Alabama...and you just might get hooked too.

  5. They are precious. I don't have any yet but can't wait to be a grandma. Are you really moving for real??? That's very cool.


  6. You know, nieces and nephews grow quickly too! I'm still surprised my niece is 12! Makes me feel darn old =) Your grandkids are adorable!

  7. Oh my... I remember seeing Jesse in the Beloved music video a number of years ago! My, he has grown!



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