Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Earrings

I have listed a few new pairs of earrings between etsy and Artfire. I never know what to call each pair of earrings so I decided that I am going to give them female names. I started with Ariel and will go through the alphabet. So far I have Barbara, Chloe, and Deidra.
Tonight, while I was putting together two more pairs of earrings, the power went out. It was out for about a hour and a half, which was very frustrating. I forget how dependant we are on electricity. No lights, no computer, no phone (unless you have the corded variety, thank goodness for cell phones), no television or radio, can't read by candlelight (I don't know how they did it years ago!), can't cook (we have an electric stove), no air conditioning. At least it was nightime and it was cooling down outside, so hubby and I went outside to cool off (all the candles were generating too much heat to an already warm house). I felt so helpless, I can't stand being idle so I started to put together file boxes that I recently bought to pack up our stuff for the 'sinkhole fix' move. Anyway the lights are back on and I finished the earrings. The black pair is Chloe and the copper earrings are Deidra.

1 comment:

  1. I think that is cool that you are going with female names. I hope you got your power back on!


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