Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday Baking

For some unknown reason I have started my holiday baking very early this year. Normally I make several batches of chocolate chip cookies (my husband's favorite), pecan tea cookies, thumbprint cookies, butter cookies and mini cheesecakes. I will be making at least one batch of each again this year but I decided to try my hand at a few different cookies. So far I have made rainbow cookies (all gone, will have to re-bake before the holidays), pignoli cookies (almost gone, will have to re-bake), black and white cookies, loco chip bars, apple pie, sweet potato pie (have to re-bake), and a chocolate peanut butter pie. I usually make a batch of low sugar chocolate chip cookies also for those in the family that are diabetics.
I usually buy petit fours from Figi's or Swiss Colony, but I would really like to try and make my own this year. I went to my favorite site and there was only one petit four recipe. The rating reviews for it weren't very good so I am hesitant to try it. Does anyone have a good petit four recipe they would like to share with me?

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